• Memory Care has a special meaning here. We understand how dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease or other related forms of dementia may be very distressing. At our communities, we look forward to creating a bond and friendship with each resident, their loved ones and other healthcare partners to craft a program that benefits each resident. Our communities are specifically designed to nurture activity, exercise, dining and restful opportunities as well as engaging and purpose filled activities that stimulate personal abilities.
  • Montessori-Inspired methods are utilized at each of our communities. This engaging and individualized life enrichment programing is our signature. Residents are encouraged to do what they are able, historical knowledge is celebrated and acknowledged and new abilities are recognized and utilized. If you are seeking a positive approach where residents are doing more than you would expect, where residents find a sense of belonging and meaning and where loved ones are happy to visit, then you may have just found the right place!
  • Our biography boards or memory boxes describe the rich life history of each resident. Further, these assist our residents to recognize where their apartment home is and allow for more independence. Our exceptional team members are also able to gain more appreciation of what each resident is capable of, what likes and dislikes are and how to bring more joy to their lives.
  • Our comprehensive services may include:
    • Medication assistance and management
    • Regular assessment and service planning
    • Bathing, dressing, grooming, and other self-image enhancements
    • Mobility, Escorts and reminders
    • Dining and Social or activities assistance
    • Care coordination and other health care management assistance
    • Engaging and Montessori-Inspired Methods in the Life Enrichment Programming
    • Spacious Private with a Private Bathroom or Private with a Shared Bathroom Apartments
    • Many communities offer care for special budget concerns including state-assistance programs for assisted living and memory care

We all need a reason to get up in the morning. At Portside, we understand that the keys to a life well-lived are community, inclusion and purpose. The Montessori-inspired Lifestyle places ultimate focus on supporting our resident’s ideas, choices independence and empowering them to create a community that speaks to them. Our staff foster the natural spark within each individual by allowing forums for discussion, input and finally assisting in the details to make these ideas a reality regardless of deficits. Weekly resident committees, our Lifelong Learning University and frequent community service projects fill our resident’s days with a true with sense of purpose, contribution and belonging. Our partnership with the Center for Applied Research in Dementia ensures that our communities are thoughtfully designed, staff are adequately trained and that each element of our lifestyles program is designed to strengthen a sense of community and success.


  • Social Roles – Taking great care to ensure each individual resident has a role to fulfill within the community
  • Improving skills – Through repetition and use of procedural memory, skills can be learned or improved.
  • Progression and Setting Goals – By working on projects or learning topics over a longer period of time, residents are more engaged and successful.
  • Focusing on remaining skills: A special Montessori Assessment Tool, created by The Center for Applied Research in Dementia gives our staff a crucial glimpse into remaining skills often missed by traditional healthcare assessments.

For information about our innovative Life Enrichment program based on Montessori-inspired principles, click here.


As our parents and loved ones grow older the time will come when we have to consider the options available and what’s in their best interest. While some people will opt for care in a senior living facility, others will take on the responsibility of acting as the primary caregiver for their loved one. Frontier is here to help ease the assessment process and to provide you with the resources needed to make the decision best for your loved one. Read the articles below and browse the links provided to learn more about the responsibilities of a senior caregiver.

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Perhaps the most significant concern as we age is our health and accessibility to health care. As we grow older it’s important to concentrate on quality of life. Seniors may find themselves asking, what simple exercises can I do to live a healthier life? What are some healthy meals I can prepare for myself? Additionally, you may have questions about Medicare, health insurance, and disease education. Frontier has complied a wealth of health care resources for your convenience.

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